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Ayabe Yoshimizu - Stay

Dear Guests,

Thank you for visit to AYABE Yoshimizu inn Website.

We were stop now that for maintenance of house.

We will post in this website about re-open when finish the maintenance.

Thank you for your understanding.

A glimpse of Japan from days gone by

Ayabe Yoshimizu is not like anything else you'll experience in Japan, a hidden gem nestling in the mountains of rural Kyoto.

A traditional kayabuki thatched farmhouse, Yoshimizu is furnished with two irori, open charcoal fireplaces. Staying here, you'll get to experience first hand cooking and eating around an irori, while rice is steamed in a kamado, an old style rice cooker. End your day with a relaxing soak in a Japanese style stone bath heated by a wood-burning boiler, you can even chop the wood and tend to the fire.

A chance to slow down and find enjoyment in simple tasks, this is self-catering in a Japanese inn while learning old ways of living. Your hosts, Fumiaki and Anna, will be available to help with all aspects of your stay; Japanese and English is spoken. Families and children are very welcome.

The guesthouse at Ayabe Yoshimizu is part of a wider regeneration project combing food, the arts and ecology.

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