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Access Map

From Kyoto station

There is a local train from Kyoto, which takes about 2 hours and costs 1,320yen. Take the Sagano line (for Sonobe) (about 40 min) to Sonobe. Change here for the Saninhonsen line (for Fukuchiyama) and get off at Ayabe station.

There is also an express train from Kyoto station that goes directly to Ayabe. It takes about 1 hour and you'll need to pay extra for an express ticket.
JR Train timetable

Buses from Ayabe station

Buses leave outside the south exit. There are only 6 buses a day that go to Yamano ie mae for Ayabe Yoshimizu:

The first 4 depart at: 9:55, 11:55, 13:55, 15:55 (Kanbayashi line)
These buses end at Omachi bus terminal, you'll need to change to a bus for Omi. Yamano ie mae stop is 5 minutes from Omachi (and 3 stops after Ayabe Onsen which is a well known landmark).

The final 2 depart at: 17:55, 18:55
These buses go direct to Yamano ie mae

From the bus stop to Ayabe Yoshimizu

From the bus stop cross the road and go over the bridge (there is a sign for Yoshimizu here to look out for), keep walking up the hill we are the last house on that road. It takes about 15 minutes or so.

Alternatively taxis are available from Ayabe station.

Ayabe Yoshimizu

10 Fuke Mutsuyori chou,
Ayabe city, KYOTO 623-1231
Tel: +81-(0)773-21-4777