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Yoshimizu is simply furnished with many traditional artifacts. There are several communal areas for eating, drinking tea, reading, playing the guitar or simply enjoying the view across the valley. Origami and paper aeroplane competitions are also a regular occurrence!

Guest Rooms
The four guest rooms are furnished in traditional style with tatami mats and futons; all bedding is provided, which we kindly ask guests to prepare. Each room sleeps up to four adults. Two have an ensuite toilet and sink; guests in the other rooms use the shared facilities. Towels, hair dryers and toiletries are also available. All rooms look out onto the garden.

Baths are Japanese style, a unique cultural experience in itself, although here you can have your own private bathing time. Even more unusual, a wood-burning boiler heats the water, which takes about three hours, so before cooking we'll chop wood, start the fire and look forward to relaxing in the stone bath after the meal. People tend to gather here to stoke the fire or simply watch the flames (perhaps with a drink or two...)

Evening: The bath and showers are available between 7pm-11:30pm
Morning: Showers available 7am-9am

Alternatively Ayabe Onsen (hot spring) is just minutes by car or a 30-minute walk away.

TVs or fridges are not provided in the rooms in keeping with the ethos of Yoshimizu; however there is mobile/cell phone reception for most Japanese networks and wi-fi is available.