Guide to Kyoto Yoshimizu

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Our inn is located on middle of mountain behind shrine and park in nearby of Gion district.

Please enjoy stay at hideaway inn of Kyoto!

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Kyoto Yoshimizu Inn

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Kyoto Yoshimizu - Stay

【A guide to Kyoto Yoshimizu inn】

The inn is tucked far away in the high hills of Maruyama Park and immediately surrounded by nature, with Higashiyama's bamboo grove in the back, cherry blossoms in the front, and Chion-in Temple's bell next door.
Here at Yoshimizu, you can actually see and feel the changes of the season for yourself--the bright and beautiful Japanese cherry blossoms (sakura) in the spring and breathtaking color changes of the leaves (koyo) in the autumn.

Our service on request policy allows our guests to feel at home, and to experience for themselves the true natural surroundings.

We are constantly striving to facilitate internal communication and unity with people from all walks of life through concerts, cultural seminars and exhibitions; perfecting a non-barrier society across demographic differences. Yoshimizu Inn has become the setting for events such as academic seminars in history, culture, and literature, gathering student researchers, as well as experts in their learned fields.

Located just a couple 100 meters away from Gion, you can still experience the serenity of nature.