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Access Map

[How to access from JR Kyoto Station]

[by Bus]

Please get on the city-bus No.206 or 100. When you arrive at [Gion] , please get off the bus. You take about 20 minutes, from Kyoto station to [Gion].

It takes about 15minute from bus stop 'GION' to the INN. KYOTO YOSHIMIZU INN is located at 'MARUYAMA-PARK'. Yasaka Shrine is seen in front of the bus stop. Please enter in Orange Gate, and walk left. It naturally enters Maruyama Park. It reaches stone steps at last when passing in the pond. It goes out to the roadway when going up in stone steps and climb the road, please. Moreover, there is a slope in the right when going up in it because it sees stone steps side of small Shinto shrine. It arrives at Yoshimizu when going up on the slope.
Kyoto bus NAVI

[by Taxi]

You take about 20 minutes, from Kyoto station to [Gion]. If you have many luggage, we recommend you take a taxi. The price is about 1,600yen.(The payment can be cash and credit.)
Please show this to the taxi driver.
How to go to Kyoto Yoshimizu Inn

[by Train]

If you will come to Kyoto direct from Airport, Please get on limited Express HARUKA. You take about 75 minutes. The Price is 3,600yen.
TIMETABLE from JR KANSAI-International Airport to JR Kyoto Station

[by MK Skygate shuttle]

MK shuttle bus

When you will come to Kyoto from Airport, you can reserve the door to door shuttle bus from Kansai Airport to Yoshimizu INN.
The shuttle bus takes 3 hours from 2 hours 30 minutes (by traffic conditions).
The charge is 3,600yen.

We recommend if you are a family or if you have a lot of luggage.
You have to reserve by the day before the arrival date of your airplane.


Zip: 605-0071
Bentendo ue, Maruyama Park, Higashiyama-ku,
Tel: +81-75-551-3995
Fax: +81-75-551-3996

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